Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Spa Resorts in Germany

Turn off your cell phone, close your eyes and simply relax. Let yourself fall into a realm where your senses are alive to every smell, sound, and touch. Your room looks out onto the beautiful landscapes that surround you like the Mecklenburg Lakeland or the mountains of the Black Forest. Every glimpse you take of your surroundings is adequate enough to instantly relieve any tensions that may still persist after your massage or hot bath.
Germany is a great country to visit to simply relax. My German relatives frequently go to spas in order to get away from the normal stresses in life and let nature take its course. Germany is a country that is home to over 300 modern health centers to help every vacationer relax and unwind. One can choose from more than 50 climatic health resorts, 48 seaside health resorts, 62 Kniepp hydrotherapy resorts and over 160 mineral spas and mud spas as well as a whole range of hotels offering wellness centers. All of these resorts are sure to cater to every individual’s relaxation, fitness, and well-being.

Germany’s climatic health resorts offer its visitors a breath of fresh air with natural surroundings where the air is pure. These resorts are the ideal place for long walks and cycling tours along the countryside to improve a person’s stamina training. The smell of the sea alone is enough to calm the senses of those who choose to visit a seaside health resort. The seaside climate, sea water, sea mud and seaweed are major therapeutic ingredients that will make ones complexion clearer and hair healthier. The North Sea and the Baltic are the perfect location to rest on the beach. Kneipp hydrotherapy resorts focus on five major principles: hydrotherapy, herbal therapy, healthy nutrition, exercise and discipline. This therapy is a holistic method that believes fresh water at various temperatures is enough to transform an individual’s human health. Germany’s mineral and mud spas provide a place where one is well and truly pampered. These spas offer a variety of sports, dietary and beauty programs for every individuals need. A visit to one of Germany's many spas and resorts is sure to make any vacationers relaxation dreams come true.


Blogger nguyen said...

So relaxing!!!! I love massage and facial. When I went to visit Thailand, I stayed in Marriot Hotel, and got a massage from there. At first, I had to dip myseft in to the very hot water in few minutes, then again went through very cold water. After that, I went to take shower and go the the room where the lady had been waiting for me. The place was so beautiful. All over that places you could see a lot of orchids, even on the way. It made me feel like i was in the heaven.... I love it..... I really want to try the European styles whenever I have changes. I just love it....

11/18/2005 12:08:00 AM  
Blogger Shayna said...

These spas sound so nice!! I guess the whole trend extends much farther than the United States, but for some reason it sounds a whole lot more natural to partake in the way that your describe it. I did have a question about price though. I have been to like a natural bath spa in Israel and it just cost a couple dollars to get into the establishment and then that was it. Do you know at all what they are like in Germany, and if they are public so anyone can go to them? Thanks for the added info and for all that you have shared over this semester that has helped me get more excited for my trip in January!

11/22/2005 01:41:00 AM  
Blogger LauraL said...

Most of my relatives go to the spa resorts at least once a year. My relatives have a middle class income and are not wealthy but, can still afford to stay there. Most spas offer packages to there guests with various anemities. For example, a stay at the royal Baden Baden resort for 4 nights with various spa offerings would cost about 900 Euro. However, there are other spas that go for half the price and offer their guests similar packages. I'm almost certain that one can find a spa vacation that is within any person's price range because there are so many different ones to choose from.

11/22/2005 03:53:00 PM  
Blogger ckrause said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET ME TO THE SPA! I don't know about you, but after this semester and particularly these past few weeks I think I need to visit every spa in Germany to get rid of this stress. They all seem so amazing. I didn't know that there were so many different types of spas. I think that I can go for a mineral and mud spa treatment. That seems like it would be just the thing to help me relax.

I am really excited because when I am abroad this winter we will be going to Budapest and visiting the thermal baths. I am so excited beceause it is going to be so cool so be in this hot water outside when it is in the middle of winter. I will have to let you know how that goes. For now I think I am going to look up a local spa and relax. BYE!

11/22/2005 05:09:00 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

This is very ironic that you post this, because last week I actually had my first spa treatment ever. It was amazing, I had a mud wrap. I have actually heard of celebrities going to some high end spas in Germany, not only for the wonderful treatment, but a lot of them pride themself on serenity. And there is a lot scenes in Germany that can enhance the spa experience. Nice post this week, I really enjoyed the information.

11/22/2005 09:35:00 PM  

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